Basis of Claim

Proper preparation is essential

As a employer, contractor, sub-contractor or supplier, you believe you are entitled to additional time and or money. You may have suffered some other loss and wish to claim a remedy outside of the contract. You may be in the position of having to defend against a claim. But what in law do you need to establish to be successful?

This will depend on what is being claimed or defended against as the action may be:

  • Under the Contract.
  • For Breach of Contract.
  • Outside of the Contract.

The vast majority of disputes that arise will be under the contract or for breach of contract. Understanding the legal basis of what you are claiming or defending is critical as different approaches are needed for each.

We can undertake the following as required:

  • Advise and assist in the formulation of your claim or defence.
  • Provide guidance on the heads of claim and available remedies or defences.
  • Advise on the merits of your claim or defence at an early stage and its prospect of success.
  • Advise on suitable legal representation.
  • Advise on appropriate terms of settlement and negotiate on your behalf should that be appropriate.

We are always available for advice on any of these matters.