The ultimate dispute resolver

Litigation is action taken in court to resolve a dispute. Courts are the dispute resolution service provided by the state.

The courts of the UK are comprised of different levels of authority. In order of authority from the lowest to highest level is the Magistrate court, County court, High court, Court of Appeal and finally the Supreme Court. Within each level there are different divisions which deal with different areas of law. The decisions made in a higher level authority court bind the lower level courts.

As far as construction related cases are concerned, smaller cases may be heard in the County court but the majority will be heard in the specialist division of the High Court called the Technology and Construction Court, (TCC).

The TCC in London is at St Dunstan's House, 133-137 Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1HD and deals with all TCC claims brought in London. The TCC courts outside of London are in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Chester, Exeter/Plymouth, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Salford (Manchester). At each of these courts both High court and County court TCC cases may be heard. There are full time TCC judges at Birmingham, Salford (Manchester) and Liverpool.

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