Always the first step

Negotiation is always the first step in trying to resolve a disagreement. It's the cheapest option and maintains working relationships. But have you been attempting to negotiate a solution and are getting nowhere?

It may be time to introduce a new party into the negotiations, someone who is not too close or attached to a certain point of view and who has not been subject to the emotions that often surround disputed issues. A new face with a fresh approach may be just what is needed to get negotiations moving again.

Perhaps using an independent third party to chair and effectively facilitate negotiations, intervening to allow voices to be heard and points of view to be properly expressed would help.

Not everyone excels in the often confrontational atmosphere of dispute negotiations. If legal representation is present many may find a meeting quite daunting and possibly will not fully understand all of the arguments that arise during discussions. Allowing someone who is used to working in these situations to either negotiate on your behalf or act as referee during negotiations can be beneficial to the outcome.

We are familiar with negotiating on behalf of clients in dispute situations or acting as an independent referee between parties. The role undertaken by us can be tailored to exactly fit the needs of one or both parties as the circumstances require and we would normally recommend that all avenues of negotiation be exhausted before embarking on a more formal process.