Our Services

How can we be of assistance?

If after having considered all of your options, (see Dispute Avoidance and Dispute Resolution), you need further advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

We accept appointments as Mediator, Conciliator, Dispute Board Member, Independent Dispute Resolver, Early Neutral Evaluator, Expert Witness or Expert for expert determinations and are always available just to give advice on any matter.

If you are ready to appoint an impartial neutral tribunal then we accept appointments as Adjudicator or Arbitrator on the following range of disputes:

  • Quantum
  • Delay and Disruption
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Interpretation
  • Professional Negligence
  • Defects Liability
  • Insurance claims

Should you have a dispute that falls outside those listed above we can usually personally recommend other people or organisations that can fulfil your requirements.